Kerr Dental Family

In our family you can find the following products: Bib-Eze, PeelVue+, Dental Autoclavable Mirrors, X-Ray Lead-Free Apron and Panoramic Poncho, Tubs, Trays, Racks, Steri-Cage™, GingiBRAID, GingiKNIT, GingiGEL, Styptin, Alginator and Clean and Lube Spray.

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Pentron Family

In our family you can find the following products: Zone™, ZONEfree and Image™ Alginate

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DUX Dental products join the Kerr Dental and Pentron Families

We want to communicate some exciting changes in the way we work together.
For many years you have been an appreciated DUX Dental customer.

In July 2014 Kerr acquired DUX Dental as part of a continuous effort to widen the assortment and provide innovative and high quality dental supplies that meet the needs of dentists worldwide.

DUX Dental has been manufacturing and distributing the highest level of dental products for over 50 years. The DUX philosophy is to create products that yield consistent results, are safe, easy to use and pleasant for your patients, thus perfectly complementing Kerr’s values.

During the last two years both companies have been working on the integration of DUX Dental products within the Kerr Dental and Pentron portfolios.

From now on, you will find DUX products on the market
under either the Kerr Dental or the Pentron brand.

Kerr Dental


Kerr Prevention

Patient preparation

The convenient, ready to use disposable bib holders

Examination instruments

Dental Autoclavable Mirrors
Non-slip, comfortable lightweight mirrors


X-Ray lead-free apron and Panoramic Poncho
Radiation protection weighing 30% less than leaded counterparts

Instrument reprocessing

Dental sterilisation pouches that give you clarity, confidence and ease-of-use

Office organisation

A complete line to keep your practice tidy
From Bur Blocks to Tubs, Trays Sterilisation Cages, Racks and Cleaning solvents

Kerr Restorative

Tissue Management

GingiBRAID (and Short-Cut), GingiKNIT and GingiGEL
A range of impregnated and non-impregnated gingival retraction cords and the exclusive all-in-one delivery system

Fast-acting, flavoured haemostatic solution easy to contain, dispense and manage


The dental alginate mixer that provides consistent, smooth mixes in seconds

Clean and Lube Spray
The dental alginate mixer cleaning agent that will not ruin or dry up your bowl

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Temporary materials

Zone™ and ZONEfree
A range of zinc oxide non-eugenol temporary cements, in the standard dentin color or translucent with prismatic nanofillers for unique color blending.

Impression taking

Image™ Alginate
A high-quality alginate that delivers a smooth surface with detail – at a value price.


Please note that our Hydrocolloid product line has been discontinued and is no longer available. Thank you for your understanding.

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